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Board of Directors



Sa Bom Nim Hoke Nunan, Region 6


Vice Chairman

Sa Bom Nim Ben Johnson, Region 6



Sa Bom Nim Mark Pattison, Region 9



Sa Bom Nim Mike Guidone, Region 4



Sa Bom Nim Richard Kopf, Appointed

Sa Bom Nim Rocco Tirrozzi, Appointed

Sa Bom Nim William Conforte, Appointed

Sa Bom Nim Ben Johnson, Appointed


Sa Bom Nim James Bergers, Region 1

Sa Bom Nim Susie Cuseo, Region 1

Sa Bom Nim Noelle Talmon, Region 1

Sa Bom Nim Rodney Batista, Region 2

Sa Bom Nim Jackie Christian, Region 6

Sa Bom Nim Jeff Talavera, Region 12


The Board of Directors is a body of both elected and appointed members whose primary responsibility is to create policy that governs the day-to-day running of the association.  They make the business decisions of TSDMGK as they pertain to the running of special events such as championships, clinics, Weekend with the Masters training, etc.  They also make the business decisions necessary to move the association forward as circumstances and times evolve, i.e., technology improvements and changes, supporting, incorporating, or cancelling events regionally, nationally, or internationally.  They work to represent their constituents (members of their regions); the vision of the Kwan Jhang Nim and the Board of Governors.  A more in-depth understanding of the Board of Directors can be found in the charter and by-laws of the TSDMGK Association.



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