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The Technical Advisory Committee



Kwan Jhang Nim Charles Ferraro



Sa Bom Nim Richard Kopf, K-1, Ninth Dan



Sa Bom Nim Joseph DeVita, K-3, Ninth Dan


Committee Members

Sa Bom Nim Howard Dugan, K-2, Eighth Dan

Sa Bom Nim William Lear, K-9, Eighth Dan

Sa Bom Nim Ricardo Longinotti, K-65, Eighth Dan

Sa Bom Nim John McGuiness, K-14, Eighth Dan

Sa Bom Nim Jeff Talavera, K-15, Eighth Dan

Sa Bom Nim James Bergers, K-33, Eighth Dan

Sa Bom Nim Hoke Nunan, K-74, Seventh Dan


The members of the Technical Advisory Committee are responsible for upholding the technical and moral high standards set by Grandmaster Charles Ferraro.  The TAC is dedicated to their mission of insuring that you will have the proper technical guidance and insight needed to continue your study of the Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan system.  Grandmaster Charles Ferraro has established very high technical standards for rank certification of his students as well as teacher certification for those who wish to instruct Tang Soo Do to others.  The TAC, with the guidance of the Board of Directors, establish curriculum and evaluate all activities within the Association to preserve the integrity and purity of standards of the Mi Guk Kwan.


All request for certification of studios, instructors, and/or individual rank are reviewed by the Chairman of the TAC. The Chairman may approve or deny any applicant's request based on individual qualifications.  After certification is approved, the TAC will coordinate all activities and continue to evaluate instructors to ensure that the technical and moral standards set by the Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan Association are maintained.


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