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Regional Advisory Committee



Region 1

North - Sa Bom Nim James Savidge, K-40, Eight Dan

Central - Sa Bom Nim Brandon Ferraro, K-92, Sixth Dan

South - Sa Bom Nim David Bankowski, K-52, Seventh Dan


Region 2

Sa Bom Nim Rodney Batista, K-82, Fifth Dan


Region 4

Sa Bom Nim Michael Ramirez, K-99, Fifth Dan


Region 6

Sa Bom Nim Hoke Nunan, K-74, Seventh Dan


Region 35 - Chile

North - Sa Bom Nim Moises Miranda, K-143, Fifth Dan

Central - Sa Bom Nim Cesar Rubio, K-136, Fifth Dan

South - Sa Bom Nim, Juan Sepulveda, K-133, Fourth Dan


Region 36 - Argentina

Mr. Gabriele Barreira, #1578


The chief responsibility of the Regional Advisory Committee is one of support for the Technical Advisory Committee.  When an event is sponsored by a region or within a region, the RAC members ensure that logistical, organizational, and operational arrangements are completed for the event.  They assist TAC members who are teaching or administrating the event and the RAC members also assist in teaching clinics when necessary.  Generally, the RAC are the main resource and support for the TAC in all matters.

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