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Board of Governors




Sa Bom Nim Joseph DeVita, K-3, Ninth Dan



Sa Bom Nim Richard Kopf, K-1, Ninth Dan



Sa Bom Nim Kenneth Hilliard, K-6, Eighth Dan

Sa Bom Nim Jack Bennett, K-12, Eighth Dan

Sa Bom Nim Rocco Tirozzi, K-13, Sixth Dan

Sa Bom Nim Dawn Veign, K-19, Eighth Dan

Sa Bom Nim Steve Arbuckle, K-20, Eighth Dan

Sa Bom Nim Thomas Cox, K-24, Seventh Dan

Sa Bom Nim Seth McCalaster, K-25, Eighth Dan

Sa Bom Nim Paul Carty, K-29, Eighth Dan

Sa Bom Nim David Berube, K-38, Eight Dan

Sa Bom Nim Betsy Bearse, K-62, Sixth Dan


The Board of Governors is a new body of administration whose primary job is that of planning and development.  They are a steering committee which evaluates policy and the strategic direction for the association and its future.  They are responsible for evaluating changes in technology, society, and business operations in order to make recommendations to the Board of Directors and the TAC on operation issues which affect the vision and purpose of the Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan.

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